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Register & Browse Projects

Investors register and browse opportunities on the platform. All projects are pre-vetted and pre-rated by a team of experienced real estate investment professionals.

Select project

Investors select the project and the amount they want to invest. The minimum investment ticket size is €1,000.

Project is funded

InvestorsWhen the total investment amount of the project is reached, investor funds are collected and the property is purchased on behalf of investors.

Property under management

The property is managed by the deal Sponsor (real estate investment manager, operator or developer). Investors receive regular cash flows from income producing assets, such as office rentals, and one-off payouts in the event that fractions of the asset are sold before maturity. Investors can monitor their property investments in the dashboard. Fund reporting will typically be conducted on a quarterly basis.

Project completion

When, the real estate project is completed/sold investors receive the final proceeds.

Invest with confidence

Romania Invest’s experienced real estate investment professionals carry out rigorous analysis and due diligence on each investment opportunity. We are very selective about the investments that we approve. We even invest our own money in each investment opportunity. We do extensive due diligence on the real estate partner (Sponsor) and the investment property.

Sponsor Due Diligence

Experience and track record


Alignment of interest with investors


Asset Level Due Diligence

Market analysis

Investment thesis

Legal analysis

Business plan & Financial model